Revolutionizing the Way Medicine is Discovered and Commercialized
Changing Patient Expectations

About XBiotech

XBiotech is pioneering a new era in the discovery and development of targeted antibodies based on its breakthrough True Human™ technology. The company's mission is to revolutionize the way antibody medicines are discovered and commercialized by advancing its robust pipeline of truly natural human antibodies for treating serious diseases such as cancer, inflammatory conditions and infectious diseases.


Lead antibody candidate has shown breakthrough potential for treating advanced cancer. Completing two pivotal Phase 3 clinical studies for treating patients with advanced colorectal cancer.


S. aureus

Novel antibody developed from a patient with natural immunity against all strains of S. aureus, including MRSA. Rapid patient recovery and clearance of infection demonstrated in ongoing Phase 1/2 clinical study.



Broad pipeline of naturally-derived True Human™ therapeutic antibodies may offer unmatched safety and efficacy across a range of serious diseases.