Xilonix™ represents a paradigm shift in cancer treatment. Disease progression in oncology is typically associated with significant morbidities related to the underlying disease process, as well as to treatment-related toxicities. In patients with advanced disease, the diminishing benefit of further therapy must be weighed against increasing morbidities and loss of quality of life related to the therapy itself. A substantial and growing need therefore exists for anti-cancer agents that offer unequivocal clinical benefit to patients suffering from advanced colorectal and other forms of cancers.

Xilonix™ is a first-in-class True Human™ monoclonal (IgG1k) antibody viewed as a unique, broad-acting tumor suppression strategy that neutralizes the biological activity of interleukin-1α. IL-1α is unique in its involvement in many processes related to tumor progression and collateral symptomatic effects of malignancy. Specific antagonism of IL-1α through Xilonix™ therapy encompasses significant activity to ameliorate symptoms associated with the disease. The excellent safety and tolerability profile of the agent makes it an ideal treatment option in advanced stage disease, particularly where the use of cytotoxic agents or other therapies with considerable toxicity are not supported by cost-benefit analysis.