Our Vision

Dr. Daniel Vasella - Former XBiotech Board Member, former Chairman
& CEO of Novartis AG.
XBiotech from Red Pepper Group on Vimeo.

XBiotech is a fully integrated global biosciences company dedicated to pioneering the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic antibodies based on its True Human™ proprietary technology.

Unlike previous generations of antibody therapies, XBiotech’s True Human™ antibodies are 100 percent human, derived from individuals who possess natural immunity to certain diseases. With discovery and clinical programs across multiple disease areas, XBiotech’s True Human™ antibodies have the potential to harness the body’s natural immunity to fight disease with increased safety, efficacy and tolerability.

XBiotech is currently advancing a robust pipeline of antibody therapies to exceed the standards of care in oncology, inflammatory conditions and infectious diseases. The Company's broad pipeline of True Human™ antibodies are able to potentially deliver unmatched safety and efficacy because they are cloned directly from individual donors who possess natural immunity against certain targeted diseases. As such, True Human™ antibodies retain their natural physiology and tolerance profile, having passed the rigors of immune selection in the body.

Bermekimab* specifically targets and neutralizes interleukin-1 alpha (IL-1 α), a molecule known to promote angiogenesis, growth and spread of tumors, as well as mediate symptoms such as metabolic dysregulation, fatigue and anxiety associated with advanced cancer.

* Other names for Bermekimab include MABp1 and Xilonix. These names have been used in prior XBiotech peer reviewed publications and clinical studies.

Our Philosophy

The Hippocratic notion that medicine "should never do harm" is a cornerstone to how we approach drug development. This includes the belief that cutting-edge medicine should work in a targeted way to make patients feel better, not worse. We believe this principle should continue to shape the future of medicine.