About XBiotech

XBiotech is building on a foundation of remarkable new therapies, innovative approaches to commercialization and a commitment to realizing treatments for unmet medical needs worldwide.

The Company is a leading developer of biological therapies—including a pipeline of True Human™ antibodies. To support these programs, XBiotech has developed the manufacturing technology to enable production of biological drugs with an unprecedented low cost of goods.

The Company operates 46,000 ft2 facilities in Austin, Texas. These facilities represent the worldwide headquarters for the Company, housing administrative, R&D, clinical and manufacturing operations. XBiotech USA Inc., XBiotech Japan K.K., XBiotech Swiss AG, and XBiotech Germany GmbH are all 100% owned subsidiaries of the parent company, XBiotech Inc. Canada. To accommodate future commercial demand, XBiotech has purchased 48 acres of land and designed and engineered a commercial manufacturing facility. Ground breaking on this new facility occurred in September 2014.